J. Steinkoler Quartet

Jeremy Steinkoler – drums, Jim Peterson – saxophone, Andre Bush – guitar, Sam Bevan – bass

Link to home page : http://www.jsteinkoler.com


Playing mostly original pieces written by drummer Jeremy Steinkoler and saxophonist Jim Peterson, the quartet navigates through a wide range of feels and textures, bringing sensitivity and inspiration to bear on every tune. The band draws influences from eclectic sources, with nods to both jazz and rock legends, and plays a handful of creative arrangements of tunes by Abdullah Ibrahim, Pat Metheny, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, among others. Sometimes funky, sometimes swinging, sometimes moody and pensive, the Quartet delivers meaningful music with an intensity that can be felt throughout the audience.

Having played together around the San Francisco Bay Area for several years, drummer Jeremy Steinkoler, saxophonist Jim Peterson, and guitarist Andre Bush have developed a highly intuitive feel for playing together. The newest member, bassist Sam Bevan, brings a refined spontaneity to his bass lines and a lyrical approach to his solos. Between the four players, there exists a mutual respect and musical understanding which imbues every performance with integrity and playfulness.

In 2001, The JSQ released it’s first full-length CD, The Road Home (Evander Music) to substantial critical acclaim. The album has been featured on radio stations across the country and in Europe, and continues to garner excellent reviews from the media. With the addition of Andre Bush on guitar and Sam Bevan on bass since the recording of the CD, the JSQ has continued to evolve, maturing into a well seasoned group reaching new heights of collective improvisation and interaction.

The JSQ is currently planning on returning to the recording studio in 2005 to record a second CD reflecting the continued evolution of Jeremy’s composing and collaboration with Andre, Jim, and Sam. I hope you enjoy listening to The Road Home. Please visit www.jsteinkoler.com for more information, reviews and updates.