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Catalog #: EM 001

Artist: Trio Putanesca

Title: Who Ordered the Fish?


Phillip Greenlief – Tenor Saxophone
Adam Levy – Guitar
Dan Seamans – BassSORRY, this disc is out of print!
Catalog #: Em 002

Artist: Phillip Greenlief – Trevor Dunn

Title: Untitled


Phillip Greenlief – Sax
Trevor Dunn – BassSORRY, this disc is out of print!

10 improvisations by Greenlief & Dunn
***** – Music Hound Jazz Essential Album Guide


Dimensions of bassist Trevor Dunn arise in a program of improvised duets with Greenlief’s reeds. Literate, to say the least, it has an epigram from Samuel Beckett and titles that refer to Mikhail Bulgakov, Andre Breton and Isadore Ducasse. They’re keys to the kinds of demands this duo makes. A First impression of low key music gradually gives way to a sense of quiet intensity with each successive hearing.

There’s a concentrated linear development with evident constructivist thought on every track, and the sense of parts missing, often a difficulty in listening to duo music, never arises. In fact, the duo’s music is so refined, its integrity so distinctive, that it’s easier to say what it isn’t. There’s never a sense of the easy effect, the hot lick, or the obvious source; instead, there is an overriding will to form and to direct address. The result is demanding without ever being aggressive.

Stuart Broomer – Cadence Magazine, February 1997

Catalog #: Em 003

Artist: Ashley Adams Trio

Title: Flowers for Mrs. Dalloway


Ashley Adams – bass
Phillip Greenlief – saxophones, flutes, marimba
Michel Dumonceau – drumsMusic after the 1925 novel by Virginia Woolf, adapted by Phillip Greenlief and co-created by the trio.

Using Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway for a foundation of form and characterization, the trio improvises its way through Clarissa Dalloway’s “day in the life” in London, using different instruments to bring to life different characters and their manifold epiphanies.

Catalog #: Em 004

Artist: Alex Candelaria

Title: Sidewalk Technicolor


Original Compositions for guitar, bass & drums, featuring Candelaria: guitar, John Evans: bass, and Elliot Humberto Kavee, drums
Catalog #: Em 005

Artist: Trio Putanesca

Title: Live at Yoshi’s


Phillip Greenlief – Tenor Saxophone
Adam Levy – Guitar
Dan Seamans – BassLIMITED COPIES REMAINING: Order your copy today!
Catalog #: Em 006

Artist: Lost Trio

Title: Remembrance of Songs Past


Phillip Greenlief – Saxophones
Dan Seamans-Bass
Tom Hassett-Drums”Pick of the Month” (December 1996)-All About Jazz Magazine

LIMITED COPIES REMAINING: Order your copy today!
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Catalog #: Em 007

Artist: Phillip Greenlief & Covered Pages

Title: Russian Notebooks, Volume 1


7 compositions for two guitars and two wind instruments by Phillip Greenlief, based on his experiences of living in Saint Petersburg in the summer of 1998.Phillip Greenlief & Vinny Golia: massive woodwind onslaught
Nels Cline & GE Stinson: electric guitars

LIMITED COPIES REMAINING: Order your copy today!

Review from New Creative Music:

Ah! Professor Greenlief! Always a pleasure to listen to his music…very multi-dimensionally pleasing. Four masters in a very unique format: NC in the left channel, GE in the right, VG and PG mixing it up. Not only is this a fin performance (top-notch!) but the recording quality (Wayne Peet and Myles Boisen) is absolutely exquisite. Moments of imposed structure and long stretches of freedom. Imbued with a dark moodiness made other-worldly by electronics and electric guitars. What a great CD!

Catalog #: Em 008

Artist: Jettison Slinky

Title: Dank Side of the Morn


Recording of 9 compositions by Graham Connah for his new, more electric, 10 piece band, featuring Connah, Trevor Dunn, Smith Dobson Jr, Marty Wehner, Nancy Clarke, Jewlia Eisenberg, Noel Jewkes, Alex Candelaria, Ben Goldberg, Lee Alexander, & Rob Sudduth
Catalog #: Em 009

Artist: Good for Cows

Title: Good for Cows


New Em release by bassist Devin Hoff (Nels Cline Singers) and drummer Ches Smith (Jettison Slinky – Mr Bungle) Features 8 comositions by Hoff & Smith and one Ornette Coleman composition.
Catalog #: Em 010

Artist: Todd Sickafoose

Title: Dogs Outside


8 Original Compositions for quintet by bassist Todd Sickafoose in a CD that was named “best new release of 2000” by the Los Angeles Times. Featuring Sickafoose: bass, Peter Epstein: saxophones, Alan Ferber: trombone, Jusin Morell: guitar, & Mark Ferber: drums
Catalog #: Em 011

Artist: Susan Chen

Title: Harris’ Nights


Classic Piano Trio performs standards, featuring Susan Chen: piano, Mark Kennedy: bass, & Tom Hassett, drumsSORRY – this disc is out of print!
Catalog #: Em 012

Artist: Miss Henry

Title: Miss Henry Sings Angel Eyes


A fine collection of standards from Anne Dryg and her group, featuring Alex Candelaria, Michael Blustein, Eric Crystal, Todd Sickafoose & Scott Amendola.
Catalog #: Em 013

Artist: Jettison Slinky – Sour Note Seven

Title: Because of Wayne


This 3 CD package actually has a few titles…CD #1 is by the Sour Note Seven, and is entitled “Because of Wayne” – a live recording by Jeff Cressman at Bruno’s. CDs 2 & 3 are by Jettison Slinky and are entitled “The Only Song We Know” – and are studio recordings. All CDs are filled with Connah compositions and represent a large range of music, from electric, post prog rock/jazz to electronics, post Sun-Ra horn lines and lots of improv. The releases feature the usual Sour Note Seven lineup and the usual supects of Jettison Slinky, and are augmented by Scott Amendola, Dan Seamans, Devin Hoff, Steve Adams, Ches Smith, and Paul Hanson.
Audio samples for this CDIn the Soaking Shag
Catalog #: Em 014

Artist: The Lost Trio with special guest Adam Levy

Title: Live at Avalon & The Graves


Double CD set recorded in concert at Avalon (disc 2) & The Morris Graves Museum of Art (disc 1)The Lost Trio:
Phillip Greenlief – tenor and soprano saxophones
Dan Seamans – bass
Tom Hassett – drums
Special guest:
Adam Levy – guitar

“#1 CD Release of 2000” – San Jose Mercury News
“Top 10 Releases of 2000” – San Francisco Chronicle, East Bay Express

LIMITED COPIES REMAINING: Order your copy today!
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Nights of Cabiria

Catalog #: Em 015

Artist: J Steinkoler Quartet

Title: The Road Home


Original Compositions for Quartet by drummer Steinkoler.Featuring:
Jeremy Steinkoler – Drums
Jim Peterson – Alto Saxophone
Scott Foster – Guitar
Devin Hoff – Bass

“A superb new CD….A very swinging drummer who’s mastered the art of coordinated independence.” (Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express)

“Every track brings a surprise and remains fresh after repeated listens. “Something for everyone” is a promise rarely kept and usually suggests mediocrity. Not so with The Road Home” (Jim Nelson,

At times swinging, funky, or moody and pensive, the quartet navigates a wide range of textures and feels through original compositions and eclectic arrangements.

Catalog #: Em 016

Artist: Lost Trio

Title: Boxcar Samovar


Phillip Greenlief – saxophones
Dan Seamans – bass
Tom Hassett – drumsNew studio recording by this award-winning trio, featuring compositions by Carla Bley, Grateful Dead, Phillip Greenlief, Thelonious Monk, Radiohead, Billy Strayhorn


Though every Bay Area jazz fan knows the Lost Trio, we get ’em only about once a year, so consider this 10th-anniversary epiphany an occasion. Bassist Dan Seamans’ meditative introduction to Radiohead’s muezzinlike “Pyramid Song” eases you into Boxcar Samovar, the trio’s new masterwork; his caressing touch, coupled with phrasing that’s the aural equivalent of eye contact, announces the group’s philosophy. Drummer Tom Hassett flicks like chopsticks on the ride cymbal and rolls almost subliminally on the toms through tunes by Monk, Strayhorn and Carla Bley. And admirers of Mark Turner or Joe Lovano should soak up Philip Greenlief’s golden tone, shaded dynamics and backlit line conception, and see if he’s not blowing the most tenor of anybody right now, evoking Trane and Shepp while remaining all Greenlief.

-Greg Burk, LA Weekly

Like early Rollins, you can’t be sure those outlandishly archaic or unexpected songs will work – but when you listen it all comes off with style and panache. This is great stuff.

-G. Applegate Edwards, Cadence Magazine

Catalog #: Em 017

Artist: Boxes of Water

Title: Boxes of Water


Cory Wright, reeds; Noah Phillips, guitar; Aaron Kohen, bass; Harris Eisenstadt, drumsLA-based quartet works their way through original compositions with energy, passion and intelligence
Catalog #: Em 018

Artist: Bill Horvitz Band

Title: The Disappearance


Bill Horvitz, guitar; Steve Adams, reeds; Joe Sabella, drumsLong-running SF Bay Area trio plays compositions by Horvitz
Catalog #: Em 019

Artist: Reel Change

Title: Open in Total Darkness


David Michalak, lap steel guitar; Adam Hurst, cello; Joe Sabella, samples; Andrew Voigt, woodwinds; Phillip Greenlief, woodwinds; George Cremaschi, double bass; Tom Nunn, homemade instrumentsA mysterious and haunting journey into the soundtrack world of veteran filmmaker David Michalak featuring a unique “visual” music by Reel Change

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Catalog #: Em 020

Artist: Michael Gold Quartet

Title: Personal Standards


Michael Gold, saxophone; Paul Mindrup, piano, Matt Montgomery, bass; Sean Nelson, drumsClassic jazz quartet play modern standards by Alan Broadbent, Charles Lloyd, Sam Rivers, and others