I started Evander Music (Em) in 1995 so that we (Adam Levy, Dan Seamans, and myself) could release the first Trio Putanesca CD, Who Ordered the Fish?

Since then I have continued to release the bulk of my recorded output on Em and have opened the label up to like-minded individuals who want the freedom to release their recordings without succumbing to artistic demands from an outside party.

For the most part, we function as a cooperative – artists share their resources so that all releases have access to an ever-growing pool of CD distribution, quality CD production at low rates, published critical reviews, radio airplay and on-line sales.

At the time of writing there are more than 50 releases on Evander Music. I never thought that we would serve so many releases by such a talented pool of musicians and composers. Many of the releases have received radio airplay and critical acclaim from publications in the U.S. and abroad.

We have also produced a series of concerts and festivals by Em Artists and other world-class musicians from NYC, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, and many other cities. Keep your eyes on our calendar for concerts by exciting players from around the world, or sign our mailing list to receive email about upcoming events.

Thanks for listening.

Original Composition, Improvised Music & New Jazz on Evander Music!

We welcome recorded submissions from artists. We will be happy to send a copy of our agreement upon request for review and discussion.

Em cannot pay for recording, mastering or production costs, but it can help with the resources mentioned above.

To contact us, click on the Mailing List icon to the lef and follow the instructions.

Press Quotes

“For the last few years Greenlief and his Evander Music label have been at the forefront of defining a new generation of jazz musicians, artists who have truly and fully absorbed the full breadth of the last few decades of experimental and popular genres and are using all of that knowledge to invent the future of the music.”
-Samson, Portland Messenger.

“Evander Music is a label from California that moves between the vanguard and tradition, with a remarkable catalogue for the level of expression and for the number of discs produced.”
– Aliya