Boxes of Water

Cory Wright, reeds; Noah Phillips, guitar; Aaron Kohen, bass; Harris Eisenstadt, drums


Boxes of Water is Harris Eisenstadt- drum set, Aaron Kohen- double bass, Noah Phillips- guitar, and Cory Wright- woodwinds

The original compositions that this quartet performs are inspired by the legacy of the Los Angeles New Music community. Boxes of Water continues the tradition of adventurous composition and free improvisation that has become the earmark of new music in Los Angeles. The quartet blends the influences of free jazz, 20th century acoustic and electronic music. Every member of the group contributes compositions which are then arranged by the ensemble, creating a group dynamic both cohesive and playful.


“…a curious series of sections with inventive and playful antics… There is a sense of adventure which permeates every piece: a great deal of thought was put into each tune, yet nothing is loud or angry. Splendid.”
-Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter (NY)

“While various live performances prove them to be some of the most fearless free players around, their self-titled first release shows the quartet also adept at creating and working within tightly arranged complex structures.”
-All About Jazz (Los Angeles)